Friday, 15 July 2016

Taking Care of Our Health Is Our Business

The political result in Australia is a reflection of the uncertainty that has begun with Brexit. Not necessarily, a fallout as the signs of moral decay in the politics had begun to show. It was only a matter of time as the disruption in politics was ripe that had reached its use-before-date (best encapsulated by Jonathan Green in The Drum). 

The issue of health care (health scare to be precise) became the plank and irrespective of the future, the costs of health care will increase. It is imperative that making an effort to keep good health should occupy the highest priority in an individual. A calm mind is required and the easiest way to achieving this state lies within us. Practicing meditation and yoga exercises is the answers to mitigate rising healthcare expenditure as well prevent the shenanigans of the politicians.

Charity begins at home so goes the adage and the same yardstick is applicable for taking care of our health. There is none better than 50-year-old Marc Potter is. The yoga teacher and owner of Sun Salute ( in Swanbourne, WA, a reputed holistic trainer takes you by the hand and leads you to self-discover peace and fitness. He has over 33 years of experience in Ashtanga Yoga. Though there are many yoga schools in Australia Marc Potter follows the tenets of Ashtanga by hand holding you on the journey. Taking care of the body and keeping the mind peaceful is a practice. Under the able guidance of Marc Potter's tutelage, the reward is an achievable guarantee unlike political promises.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Practice of Yoga Helps Multi-Tasking

The secret to Roger Federer's longevity playing professional tennis or professional musicians continuing in their profession lie in keeping the body stretched and relaxed; Federer known to stretch for over two hours every day during match days. Professional concert musicians have the fear of focal dystonia (the inability to respond to commands by the brain for hand and leg movement). Orchestral musicians are akin to elite sports persons (Lenny Ann Low, in Aug 2014 of The Sydney Morning Herald). Recognizing that musicians need proper care, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra has included yoga, Pilates and Alexander classes. This regimen is now standard techniques in fitness programs of the Australian National Academy of Music.

Marc Potter based in Swanbourne, WA runs a reputed yoga studio styled Sun Salute ( His hands-on approach towards imparting knowledge is in the true tradition of Ashtanga Yoga principles, which he is practicing for over 33 years. Simple techniques that combine posture awareness with breathing Marc Potter has elevated teacher training into another level by the holistic act of daily practice alongside his students. Practice is the key like any other discipline. Marc Potter is a calm, individual and nothing ruffles his relaxed face or mind. Apart from teaching yoga he is a multi-faceted personality who has other jobs like delivering fish for Partridges Wholesale Fish Delivery, taking television camera gigs, employed by Cranmore home delivery team and part time horticulturist nursing ambitions of starting a landscaping business. He is able to multi task because he loves to. He also spends quality time with his family (wife and three children) surfing, horseback riding and taking trips.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Nick Kyrgios, Say Hello to Marc Potter

Yoga has entered the pop cultural world. This is a matter of significance as it heralds acceptance beyond mainstream. Not that Yoga was unknown; with the nomination of music album Bhakti without Borders in the New Age category of 2016 Grammy Awards, the inspiration from yoga has literally crossed boundaries. If Tennis Australia is, listening or reading this then it is time to hook up Nick Kyrgios with Marc Potter.

Who is Marc Potter?
He is a 50-year-old yoga teacher, landscape horticulturist and an avid surf boarder among other facets. He is a yoga teacher extraordinaire ( Persona of calmness with an ability to help people discover self-belief is his forte. 

Why Kyrgios needs to meet Marc?
Nick Kyrgios is without a coach for more than 12 months. He has demonstrated his raw talent in the year gone by. To reach the next level he needs to firm up (as per his own admission he is soft). This is an excellent first step in admitting he needs help. Help from a regular coach is not going to cut it with a volatile personality as Nick (unless John McEnroe comes on board). Kyrgios needs to discover himself.

Marc Potter

How can Marc Potter help Nick Kyrgios?
Marc is an expert in helping people find themselves. Finding an inner peace is within his realms. He practices what he preaches. He is not a sidelines pot-bellied coach or life trainer. Spending a lot of time with Marc, Nick Kyrgios can start to see within himself and also become flexible (the hangdog attitude is a give-away of inner turmoil) gaining additional strength both mentally and physically. Forget tennis coaching. He is very good in that department.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

SunSalute Yoga School for Physical and Psychological Healing

Being an ardent practitioner of yoga from the age of 17 and being cognizant of all its benefits, Marc Potter was naturally anxious to pass on this technique to others around him.  He started the SunSalute Yoga School in Claremont in Perth, Western Australia employing dedicated and experienced yoga teachers who themselves were convinced of its benefits.  Marc Potter is very clear on the purpose of his yoga school and is not willing to compromise quality for quantity.  The focus of his school is to help his students attain the inner peace and tranquility that evades most people because of the hectic schedules they have.  Through asanas and breathing techniques, he teaches his students to connect body and mind and be totally aware of one self.  

Yoga with Marc Potter
The yoga taught by him is a workout for the entire body thereby increasing energy levels and blood circulation.  The physical benefits of yoga are many including health benefits, improved posture, increased bone health and density.  Marc Potter now teaches his students Ashtanga Yoga, which is rather vigorous and consists of yoga tristhana and vinyasa.  Vinyasa helps to rid the body of all its toxins by the heat it generates in the body through a method of linking together breathing and movement.  Yoga tristhana purifies the mind, body, and nervous system.  Marc Potter has also faithfully carried on the parampara practiced in Ashtanga Yoga wherein a student-teacher relationship is established for the passing of knowledge.  This is probably why Marc’s students still connects with him and his school much after they are done with the training.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Follow Sun Salutation the Right Way

Perhaps the best way to understand all the benefits of the sun salutation is to interpret what the name stands for. The sun salutation pose celebrates the giver of life, the sun. Marc Potter, who is an expert yoga teacher as well as the owner of a yoga studio ‘SunSalute Yoga’ in Perth, reiterates the importance of performing this pose in its correct manner. It is the most basic pose in yoga and can be done as a warm up, as part of a routine as well as to cool down the body.

Saluting the Giver of Life

The Sun salutation pose consists of 12 different postures. Every pose stretches and works each part of the body. The stomach, chest, legs, intestines and liver all benefit from this asana. As the name suggests it is typically done early in the morning with the rising of the sun. Marc Potter believes it is one of the best ways to lose overall weight since it is also considered a great cardiovascular exercise when done at a faster pace. Students learning this pose from an experienced teacher will benefit from its vast and long term advantages.

The Benefits of this Pose

The benefits of the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar are manifold. Not only does it affect your body in the most positive way but it also rejuvenates the mind and soul. Men, women and children can all gain a great deal through this asana which can aid in improved concentration, weight loss, maintaining a healthy internal body as well as providing the body with renewed strength and vitality. With Marc Potter holding the reins of this practice in Perth, there is a lot to gain by mastering the Sun Salutation.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Yoga at SunSalute Yoga for a Healthy Happy Life

SunSalute Yoga, founded by Marc Potter was his attempt to spread his love for yoga and all that it embodied for him to his fellow Australians.  Situated at Swanbourne in Western Australia, this yoga studio is devoted to teaching students the physical as well as the psychological benefits of practicing yoga.  In the bustle of the modern everyday life, there is really no time for an individual to focus on himself.  Men are prisoners of time and there is really no time to relax.  Marc Potter teaches his students at SunSalute how to meditate, breathe, and focus on the body and mind connection, so that they are able to relax completely mind and body.  Some of the yoga asanas that he teaches are also meant to increase blood circulation and thereby rid the body of many diseases including hypertension.  

The advantage of yoga is that besides relaxing the body and mind, it also helps a person to have a whole body workout by stretching and strengthening various parts of his body.  The salubrious location of his SunSalute Yoga School at the beach side suburb also ensures that his students get all the fresh air and quietness that makes yoga practice so invigorating.  

The teachers here are extremely dedicated with years of practice behind them which makes them eminently suitable to advise their students.  The focus here at SunSalute is on peace and tranquility despite the turmoil of the world around them and that is probably why Marc Potter has loyal students following him years after they are done with the course.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Learn About the Diversity of Yoga with Sun Salute Yoga School, WA

Yoga today is known worldwide, with many celebrities showering praises about its benefits. However, over 20 years ago, a young Australian, Marc Potter, started learning, practicing, and adapting yoga and introduced a new generation of Australians to the wonders of yoga.


Marc Potter currently lives in Western Australia with his wife and three children, but he had a very diverse upbringing. Before entering to yoga teaching, he was a cameraman for Channel 9, a graphic designer, ran a home delivery team, was into wholesale fish delivery driver, and had a landscaping practice to name a few of his accomplishments.

Carmela how to develop Shoulder Strength
from Marc Potter on Vimeo.

Steady Pace

Currently, Marc Potter is occupied full-time with running the Sun Salute Yoga School in Claremont, WA and has come up with very affordable fees to learn yoga for all kinds of people. Currently, his students range from young students to senior citizens who love the fact that they can learn and adapt at their own pace without trying to compete with others.

Morning Classes

For early morning yoga believers, Marc Potter (#Marc #Potter) has begun classes which start at 5.45 am to 7 am, a time which is perfect for people who are strapped for time to do these exercises later in the day. He has only around 8 students in a batch, which means each individual gets his full attention during the course of the class. With around 20 classes over a 4-week period, it should not be difficult to bring peace and tranquility to the body and mind.